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This month is the NEWT’s readathon hosted by G from Book Roast. This is a part of a series of magical readathons based on the testing system at Hogwarts. The OWL’s readathon is in April, and you can then earn a NEWT in subject’s in which you’ve previously earned an OWL.

This year G has added an extra level of awesome to the readathon and she’s created a career guide where you can try to earn OWL’s and NEWT’s required for your chosen magical profession. I aim to complete the requirements for the career of Librarian cause books. Haha.

You can watch the announcement video for the NEWT’s here: NEWT’s Announcement

The basic rules are that the grades for NEWT’s build on one another. You have to achieve an A (Acceptable) before you can achieve an E (Exceeds Expectations). And you have to achieve an E before you can achieve an O (Outstanding.) So an A requires 1 book, and E requires 2, and you need to read 3 books to achieve an O.

The Librarian career requires 3 NEWT’s: an O in Ancient Runes, and E in Defense Against the Dark Arts, and E in History of Magic.

Ancient Runes

A: Ehwaz (partnership) – a book recommended by a friend
-> Bloom by Kevin Panetta & Savanna Gancheau

E: Book written in the past tense
-> A Bad Deal for the Whole Galaxy by Alex White

O: Book that has been on your TBR for ages
-> The Sculptor by Scott McCloud

Defense Against the Dark Arts

A: A Book that’s black under the dust jacket
-> Jade City by Fonda Lee

E: Gilderoy’s memory charm – the first book you remembered just now from your TBR
-> Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik

History of Magic

A: A fantasy
-> Wicked Fox by Kat Cho

E: A book that includes a map
-> The Kingdom of Copper by SA Chakraborty

If I get all of those read, and complete the Newt’s to be a Librarian. I also want to try to get an Acceptable/Exceeds Expectations in the subjects I earned an OWL in: Arithmancy, Charms, Herbology, Muggle Studies, Potions, and Transfiguration.


A: A book that ends on an even page number
-> My Brother’s Husband, Vol. 2 by Gengoroh Tagame

E: A standalone
-> The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen Wang


A: A book that you think has a gorgeous cover
-> Gods of Jade and Shadow by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

E: A comic/graphic novel/manga (or book under 150 pages)
-> Saga, Vol. 3


A: Mandrake! Quick, put your headphones on and listen to an audiobook.
-> Stardust by Neil Gaiman

E: A book between 350-390 pages
-> Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie

Muggle Studies

A: Cover that includes an actual photo element
-> The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher

E: Book set in our real world
-> Fence, Vol. 1 by CS Pacat


A: Pollyjuice potion: read your friend’s favorite book
-> The Wicked King by Holly Black

E: House ingredient: book with a cover in your Hogwarts house color (Red = Gryffindor)
-> The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making by Catherynne M Valente


A: A book with LGBTQA+ representation
-> On a Sunbeam by Tille Walden

E: A book that’s not first in the series
-> Saga, Vol. 4 by Brian K Vaughn & Fiona Staples

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