Book Haul

February Book Haul

I kinda feel like the Kermit the Frog meme this month:


Me: I am only going to buy a couple books in February.
Also Me: Buy all the books. What’s the harm?

But, I totally blame the BookTube SFF Awards for a few of these since I want to read all the books on the short list. So, here’s what I picked up in February:


Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi
The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan
Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire
The Dispossessed by Ursula Le Guin
Ninefox Gambit by Yoon Ha Lee
The Heir of Night by Helen Lowe
The Gathering Lost by Helen Lowe
Daughter of Blood by Helen Lowe
Fortune’s Pawn by Rachel Bach
Honor’s Knight by Rachel Bach
Heaven’s Queen by Rachel Bach
The Female Man by Joanna Russ
A Conjuring of Light by V.E. Schwab
Empress of a Thousand Skies by Rhoda Belleza
The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

I also  decided to treat myself to the Hott Fuzz Vinyl Idoz I’ve been eyeing for ages. Danny Butterman and Nicholas Angel are going to be a fantastic addition to my bookshelves.

So awesome books did you pick up in February? Have you read any of these? I’d love to hear your thoughts! πŸ™‚

26 thoughts on “February Book Haul

    1. I know, right?

      I heard about it from a BookTuber is trying to read all the SFF Masterworks written by women. And, its about what happens when 4 women (who alternative reality versions of each other) meet. Its supposed to be a great example of 1970s feminist sci-fi. So fingers crossed it ends up being as fantastic as the premise sounds!

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  1. Those figures are great, as well as the books you picked up. This month I picked up the Southern Reach Trilogy, the Six of Crows series, The Marauders, The Tommyknockers, The Animators, The Annie Year, and the Argonauts. I am attempting to go on a book buying ban starting this month, but you know how those always workout. Fingers crossed.

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